Hello all and welcome to the Bella Lingo blog!

For a long time I have been considering blogging on translation and, alas, the devil in me has finally succumb to the temptation thanks to a little inspiration from some great colleagues – Gala Gil Amat, Jo Rourke  and Kasia Pranke to name but a few. Plus today is my birthday, so it seems like an appropriate day to begin posting!

For all of you who do not know me, I am Christina, a freelance translator and interpreter working with French, Spanish, Catalan into English. I was educated in NI, Scotland and Spain, have lived in Barcelona and South America and now I happily reside in my native Northern Ireland, where I’ve been running my little translation business, Bella Translations since 2013. My passions are speaking and writing different languages and helping others, so it seems like the translation world is a good fit with my personality. I also enjoy pilates and have an endless love affair with Barcelona city.

But enough about me, my first real blog post will be coming very soon, so until then you will have to wait on tenterhooks before I start to mass spam your Twitter feed with *New Blog Post Notifications*. I joke.  Anyway, please do join me for my next blog post, a plain and simple one on why I am a translator. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email to: info@bellatranslations.com



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