November ’15 marks my 1st year running a full-time translation business. During this time on a number of occasions I’ve been asked why I decided to quit my full-time job to pursue life as a freelancer/ self-employed translator/ business owner (insert whichever noun you like implying “working for myself”), so here’s an insight.

In this day in age, the decision to venture out on your own is received by different people in a variety of ways, as anything from ballsy to interesting, from smart-move to downright bananas!

But, I am pleased to say that my first year could be described as so far, so good.

There is no doubt that freelancing was certainly a plunge into the realms of the unknown. I’ve had to get used to bookkeeping, coping with deadlines, self-motivation, loneliness (working at home can be very quiet), finding my own clients, and the lack of contact with other human beings. Challenges on their own, never mind combined!

That said, however, the number of plus points are infinite: flexibility, being able to spend more time with my loved-ones, being my own boss, and doing what I am meant to do (I believe!)…I could go on.

In short, anyone who knows me will tell you that, like my colleagues, I’m a “languages person”. From a young age, my favourite hobby was to help my great aunt Lil with her crosswords. And when I started learning languages at school, began discovering new cultures and did my first exchange to Granada, I was convinced & excited that my future studies and career would be in this field, for better or for worse. So at 16 years old, I made a commitment to languages, vowing never to let them escape from my life.

After one year in full-time business, I’d like to say a huge thank you, gracias, merci and danke to everyone who has supported me. I cannot explain how much your kind words, encouragement and advice mean to me. Here’s to another great year!

Thank You, script lettering

2 thoughts on “Post 11: Full-time freelancer: one year on…

  1. Congrats, Christina! It’ll be my first-year anniversary in March, and I can totally relate to all that you said. It’s been scary, but still the best decision ever! Here’s to many more years for both of us! 😀


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